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The 'Art Crawl'

2017 'Art Crawl: Continuity & Process'.

Artist: Tilly Lees

Mid 2016 I was introduced to Wilson who invited me to co-curate the Art Crawl for the University of Sydney O-Week outdoor sculpture walk. Months of planning, organising with artists and working out technical difficulties with outdoor works we pulled together the Art Crawl with the help of Wendy, Grace and the rest of our team. Over the week, we organised onsite artist talks, art panel at Verge Gallery, reaching thousands of audience over 4 days. Here's a taster of what happened throughout that intense week.

Artists came in to install their works despite horrible weather during the week. Throughout the process we came across many obstacles provided from the University's security. A week of intense installation happened and we finally opened on the first day of o-week.

Over the course of 4 days, we had our artists come onto site to do artist talks for the public. And of course Paras' performance!

Usyd o-week!

Lastly, we wrapped everything up with an Artist Curatorial Panel at Verge Gallery!

Thank you everyone for getting involved, it was a pleasure working with all of you!! x

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