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“I fell in love with a group of people, they are like my family. I always believe there is the family we are born with, and there’s the family we meet.”

– Yves Lee, founder and curator of Love Letter.

Founded in 2014 and curated its first group of artists in 2015 at the Articulate Project Space. It all started with our founder and curator, Yves Lee and her cohort. As a practicing artist she understand being an artist is hard, to get into shows are hard and to make it as an artist is even harder. At that point in life, our curator fell in love with a group of people, her cohort. She saw talent, talent who didn't know what to do after attending art school and how to go about being an artist if they wanted to. 

‘Big Love’ is what drives the Love Letter annually; from the very beginning it was one promise our curator made to her cohort, “If I curate a show, will you guys be in it?” That was the beginning to an art exhibition, because of love. It is a love letter she writes for her artists in order to provide a platform for them to write their own version of love letter to their love ones, the public and themselves. 

“Starting the Love Letter is because I love my people, and constantly trying to keep it going is saying I will always love you.”


In 2016, the Love Letter was re-curated as Love Letter: I Believe in Second Chances at the 541 Art Space, with a new group of artists and guest artist Marcus Dillon, opened by artist Jan Guy. 

In 2017 Love Letter was presented to our audiences for the third time as Love Letter: Be With You at the 541 Art Space, where a selection of new works was chosen with guest artist Canbora Bayraktar, opened by Barbara Campbell. The Love Letter this year has selected three of this year’s artists to be represented and their works will travel to Hong Kong next year, providing an opportunity for artists to go international. 

Every year the Love Letter grows with its artists, it is about providing a platform for artists to feel secure and assured. It is the Love Letter’s motto to keep improving and trying, if artists are willing to put in the effort to keep making. It is a journey for the Love Letter, its team, the artists, and the audiences to discover the different kinds of love in life through art.


The Love Letter has had presented itself to the public as a separate art exhibition Again…and Again previously in 2016. 

In 2018, the Love Letter will be extending itself to benefit more than artists and audiences. Aside from our annual 2018 exhibition Love Letter: I do, the Love Letter will also be presenting itself as Pink Ribbon to raise funds for the Cancer Council. 

“The Love Letter was never about one person or one artist, it is about all of you, because there will not be the ‘Love Letter’ without you”

Meet our team!
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