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Goodbye 2016, hello 2017

I recently took a trip to Sweden, London and Venice. It was both cold and inspiring, meeting interesting people and acquiring new skills. 

The last 4 years at the SCA has been quite a journey and I've spend a lot of my time on the road reflecting. The people I have met, the lessons I have learnt and the changes in life that has made me who I am today! 

• Merry Christmas from Sweden • 

Spent a week exploring Sweden, found little cafes with amazing cinnamon rolls and fresh fruits at markets. Admired their beautiful landscape, enchanting old towns and lovely people.  

After Sweden, I spent some time in good old London to welcome the new year and to see some friends. 

Finished off my trip with a week in Venice! It was very different experience from my first trip 6 years ago, especially the weather - since it was extremely hot last time, but just as beautiful! Loved the maze like layout of the city and that it floats on water. There's no cars allowed in the city centre, you'll have to either water or travel by the water to get somewhere. Of course, italian coffee is a must! Also, my all time favourite, tiramisu. 

Spent a day at Murano to see the master at work! It was an amazing experience to see how they make Murano glass! 

• merci beaucoup d'être là • 

2016 was like this beautiful sunset in Venice, everything happened very quickly, very fanatically. It was time well spent with some amazing people! There were many lessons learnt and a lot was achieved. It was an intense year and thank you for all the people who was there all along the way! 

As the sun rises; comes a brand new journey for 2017, and I cannot wait to spend it with all of you who'll be a part of it! 

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